Manifesting Change

Learn how to uncover the meaning of your life by finding your purpose.

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Take A Moment To Breath With Me

As I Introduce The Course And Course Facilitator


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Aim: to discover what lies within your heart and direct you towards your life’s purpose.

Goal: by the end of the course you’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself, what your meant to be doing with your life and a realisation of what’s been holding you back.

Benefits: range from finding your purpose, to tackling a bad habit, turning over a new leaf, fulfiling a New Years resolution and so on.

You will feel mentally clear, physically relaxed, passionately motivated and emotionally energised. Thus increasing your wellbeing and happiness.

Method For Change

The is called Yoga Nidra, which translates to mean ‘The Yoga of Sleep’.

Thats right, change does have to be hard work or suffering. It can be effortless and fun. With Yoga Nidra Soundscapes you will be guided in finding ‘your calling’ due to the nature of this courses theme, which is finding and developing your life’s resolve. In Yoga Nidra this is called a ‘Sankalpa’.

This course will not only help your discover your deepest calling and transform it into a resolve it will also give you the tools to manifest it into being. It’s a simply way to change your life!

Since twenty minutes of Yoga Nidra has been proven to be the equivalent too, two whole hours of sleep, with the purpose of this theme you will be making drastic changes, to your perspective in no amount of time.

Each Yoga Nidra is accompanied by ‘healing sound’ to increase the physical and mental benefits potency by removing blockages that prevents you from accomplishing your goal and enthusing the theme’s objective .

How Does Yoga Nidra Accomplish This ?



NO Movement !
NO Stretching !
NO Strengthening !

I am not going to teach your how to tie yourself up in knots you can’t get out of, nor are you going to be taught how to levitation, for that matter.

Your family and friends will still like you. Perhaps even more because by the end of the course you will have found the key to your own joy.

Meanwhile it will be like receiving a massage, without being touched. Being in a floatation tank or relaxing on a beach. This is why you naturally receive the benefits of relaxation, rejuvenation and reharmonisation in less than one hour of the practice.

Yoga Nidra consist of No Movement, No Stretching, No Strengthening all you have to do is lie down and listen. The listening instructions will ask you to watch the effects upon your body, the feelings and sensations within, as well as those within your mind.

That’s it.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3
How refreshing is that?
Hence its called the Yoga of sleep! And the results are amazing. This is why I call it ‘magical’.

You may ask the question ‘Is it the right time to change’ and ‘is Yoga Nidra the best method to help me’, also ask your yourself ‘do I know a more enjoyable, relaxing way to change the very thing I have the courage to change’?

There are other by-products besides relaxation, like cleansing, rejuvenating and restoration of harmony. A complete reboot to your physical and mental facilities, whenever you lie down and receive a session.

This course however will primarily focuses on Yoga Nidra’s transformative ability to change that which no longer serves you. ‘Manifesting Change’ not only gives you that, but also gives you what you desire. It answers your heart’s calling. As you step inside your heart and investigate what lies beneath the surface. Paving the way for you to realise your true calling, your life’s purpose.

When is it ever the right time to make a change?

The introduction video, course curriculum, testimonies or if any other information on this page speaks to you: enrol now! As this is the perfect moment.

However if any of the other two reason’s below resonate subscribe to the mailing list and join the Yoga Nidra Tribe.

Build The Foundation of Your Hearts’s Calling




You may be wondering ‘does sound healing actually transmit over the internet?’

I see it from two sides. First the negative - if negative electronic rays from our devices effects us, why can’t positive healing sounds, from the same devices, do the same. Secondly, if great music can move us to tears, to clap our hands and feet until we get up and dance, then why can’t healing sounds touch us, moving our mind / heart to journey and transform?

Sound works by the resonance touching the resistance within your body. Another word for resistance is tension, caused by stress. When the two meet the tension is released. The body agalates, weight drops, the mind is clear, muscles soften and all feels right in the world, once again.


The Science

Science has discovered, the brain travels the same brain waves in Yoga Nidra as it does in sleep. The only difference is, during Yoga Nidra we are aware (well, for at least, most of the time, if not all).

We mostly abide in the theta brain wave, the same as the dream state of sleep. Therefore even when we slip into delta brain wave, which appears to us as deep, black sleep (where there is no recollection) and we are no longer aware - we are in fact still working with our subconscious mind. Subliminal messages of the healing journey are being transmitted. Having switched off our conscious minds.


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It was so peaceful, such calmness.... it’s something I never ever experienced before. It was the safest place I’ve ever been. I didn’t want to come out, I didn’t want to come out, I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want to leave. I could feel it in my consciousness, but perhaps I had experience this feeling before, but a very long time ago.

It feels so long ago. Having felt this again was....arhhhh. If I had to describe this place, it was very dark, it was safe and I knew I was looked after. There is something looking after me. I’m not alone and I was very, very peaceful. After the session finished, I have this feeling in me and I hope it stays with me as long it’s possible because I feel really safe and safety is always something I’m concerned about, but I was safe and I had this experience, I’m so thankful.

Yasameen A Munshi


I’ve just come out of Yoga Nidra and I feel lightness and heaviness at the same time. I feel as through I go through my days disconnected from feelings a lot of stuff because of my personality and the field that I work in I know I can be a bite of an empath in terms of taking on other peoples energies and I’ve developed a survival technique of disconnecting. In stressful situations, both family and work, or even with friends. I wanna be there to support them, but not in a way that is detrimental to me when being supportive to them.

So I feel as through I’ve been connected to all those feelings through Yoga Nidra where usually I’m scared to allow myself to connect to them because I feel so deeply.

So in the last Nidra there was something about my heart that felt painful and what’s come up now is a need to let go. Allow these feelings to pass through me. Instead of holding onto being detachment. Now I can allow myself to connect to them, allow myself pass through whatever needs to pass through me, pass.

I’ve done Yoga Nidra before, but it hasn’t impacted me so quickly. Although I felt the resistance in the beginning, I didn’t want to deal with it, but because it was such an intense feeling of opening it kinda just created a gate way, I had no choose, but to accept it opening, the vibrational energy just opened me up. I think the first Nidra did all of that, and so the second Nidra brought all this through.

The next few days will be very interesting , being at work, with certain energies - how it will effect my performance as a performer, which is about connecting, even though I am an open person.

Not sure I’m making sense, it’s like I recognise my duality. It’s made me realise that I also need to do things for myself at this time of my life, so I really have to do things for me.

Cherelle Samantha

Your Instructor

Dionne Roberts
Dionne Roberts

I bring artistry to the magical form of Yoga Nidra with my unique use of healing sound and creative layering of healing modalities. So that you can embrace rest. Which is not an easy feat, in the technological world we live in, but it can be an effortless one with Yoga Nidra. You’ll learn how to do so. So that your body and mind are able to repair, thus heal. Therefore you are renewed.

Iuse my life experience to inspire me as well as the lives of others, both individually and collectively in my work as a Yoga Nidra teacher. Formally I began as an artist then a contemporary dancer. Which led me to become a professional healer, body worker, Yoga teacher, Buddhist and nomad. Hence I am a healing creative weaving life into the magical practice of Yoga Nidra.



The introduction video, course curriculum, testimonies or if any of the information on this page speaks to you: enrol now. If any of the other two reason’s below resonate subscribe to the mailing list and join the Yoga Nidra Tribe

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month to receive a live Yoga Nidra Sound Calls (tickets can be obtained on simply search Dionne Roberts yoga nidra). There you will become more equated to this theme, but not as in-depth as you will here on this month long course. So ask yourself when is it ever the right time?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. I believe it will take a leisurely month to get through the material.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? All you have to do is download the course material within one month of enrolling.
How safe is the course?
CAUTION Physically its the safest Yoga course you can do. You simply adapt the reclined posture to that which suits your health. Whether you are elderly, pregnant or suffer from high or low blood pressure. Adapt a sleeping possession that best suits your health (as close to one of the recommendations in the PDF. However mentally there is one no no - If you suffer from a mental health disorder which manifests itself in ‘disassociation’, lucid dreaming is not for you. It is harmful - in that it will hinder your recovery and so I do not recommend Yoga Nidra for you. However Yoga styles that practice exercising the body are suitable, and are in fact helpful in such cases.
Are refunds available if I am not happy with the course.
Yes. If you are not happy with the course after 28 you may request a refund. Please bear in mind that It can take up to 30 days for it to be generated.

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BYIcons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BYIcons made by Pixel Buddha from is licensed by CC 3.0 BYIcons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BYIcons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BYIcons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BYIcons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BYIcons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Icons made by Pixel Buddha from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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